Aalto BuildingSmart BIM Breakfast

2018-06-09 09:00:44 2018-06-09 10:30:04 Europe/Helsinki Aalto BuildingSmart BIM Breakfast Future of construction and built environment: From Vision to Mission to Action Items http://builtenv.aalto.fi/en/midcom-permalink-1e84ebb22cd0a944ebb11e8b799b551a79629002900 Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, 02150, Espoo

Future of construction and built environment: From Vision to Mission to Action Items

09.06.2018 / 09:00 - 10:30
Aalto Design Factory, seminar room Stage, Betonimiehenkuja 5 C, 02150, Espoo, FI

Overview: The Aalto BuidingSmart BIM Breakfast is a public event for open discussion and meetup on Digitalization of Built Environment. Though anyone can drop in, prior registration by June 4 is highly appreciated.

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Link to live streaming

This BIM Breakfast focuses on an invited panel discussion (60-90 minutes) with visionary leaders and experts from within and outside the construction sector. The goal is to reflect on and discuss global trends and their implications for the future of construction and built environment. We aim to have a proactive and open discussion, with active engagement of audience, both at the venue as well as those participating live through social media. We do not want to leave the discussion at the vision level. We want to get specific! How do we move from a vision to a mission, identifying tangible action items? While we all have vision of what the future could be, none of us can foresee what it really would turn out to be? So how do we plan for it? What are the potential strategies for us to adopt at individual levels, as teams and institutions, and as the industry as a collective? We hope the panel discussion leaves each us with thoughts, ideas and strategies to follow on!

We will aim to summarize the findings from the discussion in a follow-up blog!


08:30-09:00 Pre-event coffee-breakfast/ Networking
09:00-09:10 Introduction and overview by Vishal Singh and Aarni Heiskanen
09:10-10:30 Panel discussion (live streaming) moderated by Singh and Heiskanen

After the Breakfast event the attendees are welcome to stay back and participate in   discussion and idea explorations with students and faculty involved in the Aalto BIM Digital Design and Construction Summer School.  



BIM_ArtoKiviniemi.pngProf. Arto Kiviniemi

Professor of Digital Architectural Design at the School of Architecture in the University of Liverpool 

[PhD, Civil & Env. Engg, Stanford University; MSc, Arch, Aalto University]

Since 1996 Prof. Kiviniemi has developed integrated Building Information Modelling (BIM) both in Finland and internationally. In 1997, he lead the national R&D programme “Vera – Information Networking in the Construction Process”, which created the foundation for Finland’s position as one of the early adopters of BIM. In 2010 Arto moved to UK, working as a Professor, initially at the University of Salford and now at the University of Liverpool.

Internationally Arto’s main activities have been related to the buildingSMART International, where he has acted as the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the International Council and Executive Committee and as the Chairman of the International Technical Management Committee. Currently he is a member of the International Technical Advisory Group.

Arto has presented 160+ keynote and invited lectures in international seminars and conferences around the world since 1996. For his international merits in developing integrated BIM Arto received the Fiatech CETI Outstanding Researcher Award in USA in 2009, the Order of the Knight of White Rose of Finland in 2012 and Fellowship of buildingSMART International in 2017.


Prof. Lauri Koskela

Professor of Construction and Project Management at University of Huddersfield

[PhD, TKK/ Aalto University]

Lauri Koskela joined the University of Huddersfield in October 2014 when he was nominated Professor of Construction and Project Management. Previously he worked at the University of Salford as Professor of Lean, Theory Based Project and Production Management. Prior that he was involved in applied research at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Since 1991, Lauri has been involved in research on lean construction. His research has focused especially on the theories of production management as well as project management, underlying lean construction. Since 2005, he has researched theory of design. He has promoted the view that design theorizing started already in Antiquity, with the method of analysis (from geometry) and rhetoric as the first models of design by analogy. It is contended by him that these two models still provide a superior understanding on design.

Lauri is a founding and continuously active member of the International Group for Lean Construction. He is one of the most cited scholars in construction management and allied fields. Lauri has been a Finnish Distinguished Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, Aalto University from 2013-2016.

BIM_RafaelSacks.pngProf. Rafael Sacks

Professor of Construction Engineering and Management at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

[PhD, Technion; Masters, MIT Cambridge]

Rafael Sacks is the Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Technion, and he was Head of Structural Engineering and Construction Management from 2012-2015.

Rafael's research focuses on the synergies of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Construction.

Recent work at the Seskin Virtual Construction Lab at the Technion, which he leads, has included development of BIM-enabled lean production control systems; semantic enrichment of BIM models using machine-learning and rule-processing, with application to BIM interoperability, model acquisition from point-cloud data, and code-compliance checking; BIM systems for earthquake search, rescue and recovery; and design for safety.

He is a co-author of the "BIM Handbook", currently in its 3rd edition, and the lead author of a new book on Lean and BIM implementation in construction, "Building Lean, Building BIM: Changing Construction the Tidhar Way". He has a rich record of journal publications and was awarded the ASCE Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize for research in construction management in 2016.

BIM_TrondBugge.pngTrond Bugge

Director Collaborative Innovation

Kairos Future, Stockholm

Trond is a Future Strategist and Entrepreneur responsible for Kairos Futures Collaborative Innovation. He founded Future Preview, a Norwegian counterpart to Kairos Future, and has vast experience of working with foresight and strategy for both private and public sectors. Trond holds a Master in Marketing Science from The Norwegian School of Management and The University of Greenwich.


Otto Alhava

CTO at Fira Ltd.            

Mr. Otto Alhava is the Chief Technical Officer at Fira Ltd., an innovative Finnish growth company operating in the construction industry. The company believes in applying platform to the core of their business model and Fira has invested heavily in implementing Lean digitally to their business processes. Fira is the forerunner of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) in Finland and it continuously launches new concepts and startups to the market. Co-creation of value is mainstream in Fira and one of the co-working innovations from Fira is the Intensive Big Room (IBR) concept, which has already been awarded in a BIM competition. Mr Alhava has been working with business process development and Lean for fifteen years in different business areas including telecommunications, software development, outsourcing, and construction. 

Mr Alhava is known to be an early adaptor, a reformer, system designer, and an (software) engineer. He relies on lean, servitisation, processes, and technology to focus on disruptive business models for the construction industry. Mr Alhava has also been active in research and publication, especially on the topics of Lean information technology, Intensive Big Room, and platform business models for the construction industry.


Tiina Talvitie1.jpgTiina Talvitie 
CDO for Lehto Group plc
M.Sc. (Eng)

Tiina Talvitie, M.Sc. (Eng.) is the Digital Director (CDO) for Lehto Group plc. Tiina has been working with AEC industry digitalization since 1990 both in software companies as well as in construction companies. She is an expert of digital transformation leadership, innovation management, customer oriented business development and BIM & GIS technologies. She has strong practical experience from creating and establishing new operations in companies.

In Lehto Group she is responsible for the Lehto construction process digitalization. She is developing cost-efficient BIM based practices in the construction process and during the building life-cycle, leading digital transformation by utilizing agile development, co-creation and experimental culture. She is promoting Lean practices and leading people with co-operative mindset renewing the way of working. She is a member of Lehto Group extended executive board.

Tiina is an openminded, passionate and creative inspirer and developer. She is continuously following AEC industry trends and enhancing digital construction transformation by making things happen in practice. She has been acting as a seminar keynote speaker and invited lecturer.


BIM_VishalSingh.pngProf. Vishal Singh

(Asst.) Professor of Computer Integrated Design & Construction, Aalto University

[PhD, University of Sydney; Masters, Indian Institute of Science]

Vishal leads the Aalto BIM Collaboration (ABC), a multi-disciplinary research group at Aalto University. His primary interest is design research related to technology-driven systemic changes, explored through the interactions between products, processes and people. His research combines design thinking and computational thinking within the context of built environment. 

In recent years Vishal’s research has focused on mechanisms to facilitate transformative change in the construction sector, looking beyond the existing practice and the legacy systems. As part of this objective, the upcoming Integrated Construction Innovation and Collaboration (ICONIC) Lab of ABC aims to foster technology and design driven initiatives, with the objective to create entrepreneurial and innovation activities. 

Before coming to Finland, Vishal has lived in India and Australia, where he also worked with the CRC for Construction Innovation on a project associated with the National Digital Modeling guidelines for Australia. 

BIM_AarniHeiskanen.pngAarni Heiskanen

Managing Partner at AE Partners and Co-founder of Thinking Portfolio.

With a master’s degree in architecture, Aarni has worked as an architect and architectural R&D manager for over a decade. Gradually, his interest in innovative business development made him an internet entrepreneur and a certified management consultant (CMC).

Aarni is a co-owner of AE Partners, a growth hacking company for real estate and construction trailblazers. He co-founded Thinking Portfolio, a company delivering project portfolio management SaaS to over 50,000 users in more than 50 countries.

Many of Aarni’s management consulting clients are in the AEC industry. He has authored business books, including The Management Consulting Blueprint, and written articles for local and international publications. Blue Collar Labs has featured him as an Industry Thought Leader. GenieBelt named him as one of the top 100 influencers in construction. Red Band UK has featured his Twitter account @aarnih as one of the top 20 in 2017 in construction.