Spatial Planning

Aalto University carries out research on spatial and land use planning as well as related urban studies. The aim is to develop world-class research while supporting practical legislative work, policy development and knowledge production in the field.

Former Land Use Planning and Urban Studies Group (YTK) has now teamed up with the former Transportation Engineering Group, building joint education in terms of a new Master's Programme (Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering). Further, joint research is developed in themes integrating land use and transportation perspectives, besides focusing on YTK's existing strong themes in land use planning and urban studies.

The YTK researchers have strong expertise in the research of planning theory and practice and the land use planning system – especially from the perspectives of planning collaboration, strategy and sustainability.

In the research on planning collaboration, a long-standing specialty is the development of various participation methods. Lately, the focus has been especially on the development of e-participation and evaluation tools (e.g. softGIS) and on the development of platforms for simulation and decision-making support (e.g. Aalto Built Environment Lab). This is also connected with the human-oriented research on built environment, where experienced quality and socio-cultural meanings of the living environment are examined. Accordingly, methods are developed to translate research results into useful planning information.

The YTK team has strong and diverse connections to Finnish and international research associations and networks, the most important of these being AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning).

Further information

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